Precision Health's goal for the future is to maintain our record of quality in patient care while continuing leadership by the use of advanced medical technology. We are a growing corporation that maintains excellence through our work ethic and professionalism.

Outstanding service begins with self-motivated and highly trained technologists who possess an understanding of the needs of your residents. They are assisted by the most current technology available in our field.

X-RAYS: High frequency x-ray equipment The use of this type of mobile unit enables the technologist to provide a quality radiograph on otherwise difficult studies. The visualization of fractures in bone work is more detailed, the speed in exposure for uncooperative patients is increased, and the visualization of the retro-cardiac space in AP chest films is increased due to higher kilovolt ranges.

COMPUTERIZED EKGS: (Holter Monitors and Pacemaker Checks, Transtelephonic EKGS) Each exam is done at bedsite utilizing a 12 lead computerized EKG machine that provides immediate computerized interpretation for all EKGS. A strip with an interpretation is available to be left on the unit before the technician leaves the building. Each exam is telephonically transmitted to our mainframe computer, where the archives are scanned, and any previous EKGs are printed along with the current EKG for a comparison reading done by both the computer and our on staff cardiologist. The final reports can be transmitted via the computer directly to your facility.

SONOGRAMS: Including, but not limited to, DVT studies and echocardiograms All studies available at the hospital are available directly at your resident's bedside. We utilize the same quality equipment as your local hospital. Echocardiograms and color flow Doppler studies, including deep vain thrombosis studies, are performed.

Along with these impressive services, we offer easy to use order forms, where ICD-9 and CPT codes are preprinted, enabling, the nursing staff to spend only a few minutes on paperwork involving our services. Our system for PPS billing is easy and comprehensive.

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